I’m Back :)

Sorry I’ve been MIA but RL can be a bitch sometimes lol. I’ve been busy with an injured husband for the last two weeks and an apartment that I have to get ready to rent again. Yay! New neighbors…NOT! Hopefully the hubby will go back to work tomorrow, but he’s supposed to be on light duty…he works on a farm, there is NO such thing as light duty on a farm. We’ll see how that goes lol.  Anywho, on with it!

I’m sure that most, if not all of you have heard that Ficlet78’s story Pretty Kitty has been plagiarized for profit. First off, Pretty Kitty is a GREAT story by a very talented author! It’s been quite a while since I read it and now I’m going back and reading it again. I suggest y’all do too. Secondly, this is a tragedy in my book (no pun intended) Ficlet78 put her time, energy, and love into writing for our enjoyment for no profit. To have it stolen by someone and passed off as that “author’s” (and I use the term author loosely) original work is just flat WRONG! OK rant over! Lol

I know many of us are sick over the direction that True Blood is headed in its final season. I say BAH HUMBUG! to the Bill and Sookie endgame! Truthfully, I just wanna see Bill die so I’ve been reading Kill Bill fics and there are some awesome ones out there. One is Miral’s Sookehverse: Oh No! Vampire Bill! It hasn’t been updated in a long time but it’s still just great fun. Miral’s readers came up with different ways Bill can die accidentally or not so accidentally lol. I just love the way she wrote is accent, it’s spot on.

Another excellent one is Missron80’s entry into the Kill Bill competition from a while back called The Death of Bill Compton. It’s very creative, toothpicks people…toothpicks. Nuff said! She also has another called Kill Bill 3. Bill has a strange curse put upon him, he can’t be killed by outside forces. It’s not as graphic as the other one but it’s still really good.

Next up is Kjwrit’s The Venefica & The Vampire. I’m waiting on pins and needles for the next chappie because last nights update was a helluva cliffie! Sookie’s got a different “curse” on her in this one, we just don’t know what it is yet. And Yes! Bill dies in this one also. I’m also reading The Debt. Sookie grows up in Faerie knowing that she is to be the payment of a debt made long ago. It’s not updated as often but it’s well worth the wait. The Debt won a ton of accolades in the 2014 You Want Blood Awards earlier this year.  Kjwrit has a bunch of other stories on her site, some complete and some WIP’s.

So there is my list for this week. I should be back next week with more for your reading pleasure! Happy Reading! 😀




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2 Responses to I’m Back :)

  1. missron80 says:

    OMG blush! I’ve been mentioned! thanks! I, words, wow!


  2. LaLa says:

    No prob Missron! Thanks for checking out my little blog!


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